It's Denim, baby!

Denim is timeless. 

In the late 1800s, Jacob Davis was the firs person to tailor denim trousers with rivets, these trousers were designed for farm and mine workers, so they had to be extra sturdy and not fall apart easily. Soon they became a huge sensation amongst farm and mine workers in Western America, and so their demand started growing. However, since Jacob Davis could not afford to patent the trousers, he contacted his fabric supplier, Levi Strauss, to give him a hand. And so the first denim trouser was patented, and they became known as Levi's. 

The reason why denim became a huge worldwide success not only amongst workers but over the years amongst most of the planet's population is because it is incredibly durable and its colours fade with wear, making it visible for the onlooker to know kind of lifestyle the wearer possesses. Therefore it became a way of distinguishing between social classes. In the 1950s denim started being worn in solidarity with the working class, in order to eliminate social discrimination. But very quickly it became accepted to wear them, and it soon made its way around the world. Nowadays, it is a material that everybody possesses in their closets in some form or another and it is not showing any signs of disappearing any time soon. 

The reason why I am writing about denim is because my new project at University is about this very topic. We have to shoot a 3 page campaign for a fake Denim brand called 'Decode'. The campaign has to be shot in a studio with an evenly lit white background. I have decided to shoot 3 boys of different ethnic backgrounds, as one of the 'brand's' characteristics is "to wear denim without prejudice". I'm deciding to shoot boys since in the fashion industry I feel there isn't much focus on menswear, so that's also another way of tackling prejudice. 

I can't wait to show you guys the end result! xxx

Barbara Gonçalves