Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena is a fantastic designer who is known for being experimental with his designs but that the same time keeps the sophistication in his focus on evening wear. Every collection is completely different in terms of fabrics and designs and that keeps us all happily entertained. 

This season he decided to have lace as a statement fabric as well as inserting some velvet here and there, which is extremely in vogue at the moment. 

This Autumn.Winter 16 collection is so refined that it looks like a masquerade ball with the lace covering the models' eyes. Every piece was stunning and utterly beautiful to look at. I had to take a few moments away from the camera to enjoy the splendour of the clothes. Honestly! 

Not to mention the amazing location! The show was set in a small, warm and cosy conference room called The Pompadour Room at the Hotel Cafe Royal in Regent Street, London. As soon as you enter the hotel through rotating doors, which are actually rotated by a doorman, you are swooshed by a feeling of high sophistication and you instantly feel like you're not posh enough to be in there. I led myself to the lift where I was asked which floor I was meant to go, to which I replied two and had the number two button pressed for me. When I got out of the lift I found myself in a little lobby with a round table with beautiful flowers as ornaments and very quickly got hold of one of the A3 magazines they had for us to take, joining the extremely well dressed people in this room who were waiting to get into the Pompadour Room. When getting into the Pompadour I was amazed by the golden frames that surrounded huge floor to ceiling mirrors and the beauty of the chandelier that hovered above us. 

Everything about this show was gorgeous and emanated an air of sophistication that until then seemed beyond my reach. I loved it!