Alexander Lewis

Besides going to Roksanda and Emilio de la Morena, I also had the privilege to attend the Alexander Lewis AW16 presentation at London Fashion Week.  

The presentation was set in a little street right off the main road of St Pancras King's Cross train station. As you walked into the garage where the presentation was set, you were intrigued by these metal structures which were weld together at different angles. This metal structured, which I later learnt was inspired by the Japanese Pachinko Parlour, tied in with some of the garments the models were wearing that displayed the same kind of nest-like lines on them. The models were standing with a nonchalant attitude, cleverly looking at their nails to show off Lindsay McIntosh at Premier Hair and Make Up's design, and they would pose, move and smile to and for you when you smiled back at them after taking a few hundred cheeky pictures. 

This mood was further heightened by the use of an amazing soundtrack that made you wish Alexander Lewis' DJ, Aman Singh, had made a playlist of the songs on Spotify (I have checked, he hasn't). I am not very song literate so I would not have a clue how to begin to describe the genre or style of the songs that played, but they made you feel relaxed, special and like you knew something that nobody else knew and that made you feel superior in a non-showy way, do you know what I mean? 

Even though this was an Autumn.Winter presentation, there weren't any thick heavy coats as you would expect in this season. Instead, the concept was to have layers of clothing incorporated with some wool (not sure how it was sourced, definitely something to investigate) woven handmade jumpers. I personally like the absence of big coats as I possess a tiny stature, making it hard to make them look good on moi.

Finally, perhaps the most amazing feature of the presentation, and that I only later realised (was told), was that some of the clothes had Swarovski crystals incorporated to them by the use of graphic crystal transfer technology. And yes, I had the same reaction as you. Apparently this is when crystals are used in tandem with transfers to create a 3D effect on the fabric. So pretty cool, right? This makes Alexander Lewis the first designer to incorporate this technology into his collection.

I find quite interesting to see how fashion has collaborated with engineering in the making of this collection. Coming from an engineering background, I can definitely appreciate the technical side of the technology but at the same time it makes me realise how happy I am to be on the less technical and mathematical side of fashion (although I should probably start practicing some simple maths as I am forgetting how to sum and subtract properly now).

To finish off, I want to say that I absolutely loved the clothes (I'm not too sure about the woollen jumpers and what I think is leather in one of the looks, and let's not even mention shoes, as I am not sure if all these things are ethically made, read my about). The clothes looked absolutely gorgeous in person and were really well made. I am really happy to have been a part of Alexander Lewis' AW16 presentation and to have had the opportunity to photograph it. I also loved the tea with soya milk they served there (they did have other things such as coconut water, coffee, water, etc.), it definitely put the cherry on top of this wonderful experience!