After a misfortune with the sizing of a different item from Calvin Klein (I was not sent a size 36!!), I finally decided I, well, my boyfriend should get me a Calvin bra. At first I wanted the grey one, but then life circumstances made me wait and Calvin came out with a black bra with a black elastic band instead of a grey one, and with smaller and more clean looking and centred "Calvin Klein"s. The black bra was more sophisticated and also Instagram people still hadn't caught up with it, so there was no overexposure of images of fit girls only wearing some tight sport shorts and a CK bra. LOL it doesn't sound like I was on the right side of Instagram, but that's all people post though, I swear!

ANYWAY, it arrived yesterday and the first thing I noticed when I touched it (I have a big need to feel clothes) was that the fabric was astonishingly soft. It is the softest bra I have ever owned, or touched for that matter. However, I am not going to lie, how it fits you is really strange, I am not used to unwired bras except in sports bras, but I will be over that in a couple of days.

In conclusion, I am really happy my boyfriend got me this CK bra for my birthday. Thank you!