Mystical Inspiration

This place is so inspiring. I would love to have a holiday house in Sintra. There's this one mosque I saw that was abandoned and it is for sale. It would be absolutely mouth opening if it was restored and renovated into a home. I hope that's what it ends up being. It will end up being my home, you'll see! 

Anyhow, this is an amazing place to go visit if you're ever in Portugal. I totally recommend going to Sintra if you ever go to Lisbon. It is stunning and super duper romantic, both in architecture and mood, so you know who to take ;). 

Yesterday I went to the most mystical place in Portugal, Sintra Mountains. These mountains are also known as Mountains of the Moon as it is known for it's local traditions of astro cults, or so wikipedia tells us.

Sintra can be quite a lot of the times covered in mist. That with the combination of thick vegetation and tall trees all feed into the magical eerie feel of the place. The particular place I went to is called Quinta da Regaleira. I can imagine people wearing the gorgeous shoulder to feet clothes of the 1910s, almost elf like, being worn in rituals in the Initiation Well. With the latter being lit by hundreds of candles whilst convent like hymns were sung and echoed in the walls of the well. So mystical and so very much like one of John Waterhouse's paintings.