My Zara Wishlist

TOP LEFT: Open back top  TOP RIGHT: Top with contrasting bands  BOTTOM LEFT: Bodysuit with low cut back  BOTTOM RIGHT: Contrast Dress

TOP LEFT: Minimal City Bag  TOP RIGHT: Pocket Detail Backpack  BOTTOM LEFT: Ombré Tote  BOTTOM RIGHT: Circular Clasp Clutch Bag

TOP LEFT: Cross-body Bag with Scarf Detail  TOP RIGHT: Pleated Tote  BOTTOM LEFT: Reversible Tote  BOTTOM RIGHT: Mini Embossed City Bag

My little Ode to Zara:

Jesus Christ Zara why?

Now I all I want is to spend all my funds on you!

I hate that your designs are so gorgeous.

I hate that you are affordable because now I have no excuse not to buy you!

God dayum Zara,

God dayum...

Now, for as much as I love the clothes in a design point-of-view, sustainability-wise Zara is a grade C brand, meaning it's falling a bit behind in class. It has made a commitment to detox their clothes of toxic chemicals.

But how did these toxic chemicals end up in the clothes in the first place? During the manufacturing process toxic chemicals were used in dyes, with two items of clothing in particular, before this commitment, were shown to contain cancer-causing amines from the use of AZO Dyes, which are used for vivid colours. 

However, a commitment does not mean that the detoxing has been set in motion. I am unsure of what has or hasn't been done to eliminate the chemicals in the manufacturing of the clothes. Therefore I do not know where I stand with this brand. Also me no likey that they sell animal products.

In terms of Human Rights, Zara follows the Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices, which is basically a code by which suppliers and manufacturers follow in order to certify that these rights are met in the workplace. 

So you make your own conclusions. What I aim to do with these fashion posts is to simply bring some awareness to these issues and show some artistic appreciation for the brands' clothes and vision

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