Moss Two Piece, Banker DressAtlantic Dress.

I love love love love love love Reformation.

Reformation is a brand incepted and based in the US, more specifically in the lovely and lively, and incredibly hipster I imagine, city of Los Angeles, where the majority of their limited edition garments are designed and manufactured. All of their other garments are manufactured somewhere else in the US in a responsible way and also abroad using sustainable methods and materials. In their website they state that their amazingly lovely mission is to "to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable". How amazing is that? I feel like we need more brands taking the example of Reformation and implementing their sustainability to their own brand.

Price wise this brand is not the cheapest, but remember! This is an american brand, so prices are in dollars. So if your currency is Euros or British Pounds, then it will be less than what you're looking at in these pictures. What about for the rest of the world? Well, sorry babes but I don't really know!