What a Vegan Eats in a Day

Some of you who are interested in the Vegan way of life or are just simply curious may be wondering what a vegan eats in a day. You probably imagine that it's just lettuce and meat and cheese substitutes, because why would you want to change the way you are eating before becoming a vegan? Why would you want to put your health on the top of your priorities list? This is the mentality that many people who consume what we've trained ourselves to think is the normal diet, which includes meat (and fish), dairy and eggs, have when they don't understand how vegan people survive and prosper. 


Nowadays there are so many types of veganism that it is complicated to get some guidance on what to eat as a vegan.

You've got, Fast-food vegans these only eat meat substitutes and are still stuck in their old and probably unhealthy eating habits, these usually don't last very long. Carbophobic vegans, which have a diet of mostly beans and salads, and who restrict their calories and therefore have to get their energy from coffee - I used to be one of them. McDougall vegans, these eat a diet of carbs plus a tonne of veggies - no exaggeration -, eat almost no fat and don't calorie restrict. Raw vegans, these usually practice a caloric intake ratio of 80% carbs 10% protein 10% fat, also referred to as 801010 or 811, and in the same fashion you have those who practice a 900505 or 955 ratio. High Fat Raw Vegans, who as the name suggests eat a bunch of fatty foods such as nuts and avocados, restrict their calorie intake, have the reputation of being flaky and most often than not want to sell you supplements or superfoods that don't work. Raw Till 4 Vegans follow a mostly raw diet until dinner, when they binge on mostly potatoes, rice or pasta, and if not done right consume little to no greens or veggies. These vegans follow what you can argue as a cult of Harley (durianrider) and Freelee on YouTube. All these vegans seem to have a YouTube channel that include some kind of bike riding or talking about the same things as the cult leaders. Annoyingly they are normally found in tropical countries or warm areas, such as Australia and Thailand, or California and Hawaii. 


Finally, you've got Veteran vegans. This is the breed of vegans who as the name suggests are veterans in previous types of veganism and have found what works best for them. This is the type of vegan I'm becoming as I'm on a quest to find what works best for my body in the non-tropical environment I currently inhabit. I've come to realise that everybody's bodies are different and that different environments, genetics, and cultural backgrounds mean that what works for me will not work for you and vice-versa. Therefore, I'm posting what I eat in a day in order to show you the variety of food available for vegans. And to show that this lifestyle is only restrictive if you are into unhealthy stuff you were used to eating.

As a guest in my boyfriend's house this is the time when the food I eat turns more like what Fast-food vegans eat. Nonetheless, I find that the easiest meal I can have in the morning is oats. For this particular day I had about 2/3 cup of oats with 1 to 1 1/2 cups of almond milk (which you heat up in a microwave or pan), a banana, a handful of blueberries, and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. I'm quite addicted to this combo though at home I add 1 tbsp of chia seeds in with the oats when heating it to boost my omega 3 intake. 

For lunch I was out on day trip to Cambridge and ended up finding a falafel place that sold a large vegan falafel wrap with mango chutney, hummus, salad, and a mint dressing. This was an easy, inexpensive (for England) and yummy lunch to find and moderately healthy.

I wasn't too hungry at dinner time because of the large falafel wrap I had had a few hours before. But since everybody was eating I had to join in earlier than my stomach probably wanted. Dinner was a spicy Moroccan vegetable stew which contained grilled peppers, tomatoes, aubergine and courgette. I added some black olives to the top and 1 1/2 tbsp of rice and of a lentil, spinach and carrot side from the day before.


I find that sometimes I switch between the different vegan labels depending on my mood, where I am, who I'm with, and what I feel like eating. To be honest, these labels are only good for you to figure out all the different ways and foods you can eat. But after that they do you no good and only cause intense stress. Therefore experiment and note what works for you and what doesn't. Also, variety is key. I believe that variety is what is meant by a 'balanced diet'. Not a variety of crappy nutrient empty foods, but a variety of foods that have rich nutritional content. The only purpose of eating and having a digestive track is to get nutrients in. If you eat of diet that lacks nutrients, then your body will not be performing at it's best. Our brain's job is to combine nutrient filled foods in a way that is tasty and flavourful so we can be happy and enjoy the healthy yumminess we're feeding our bodies.

Let me know what you eat in a day as a vegan, vegetarian or just as a health conscious person! Also if you have delved into different types of veganism let me know what your experience has been like.

I hope you've found this post helpful and leave a like and comment if you did!