7 Day Juice Cleanse

For this Juice cleanse I prepared hard. I made sure I had recipes from a few sources and even made an excel sheet with the amount of fruit I need for each recipe and the total food needed overall. Therefore when I go to top up I know exactly how much food I'll need. Now, obviously sometimes I had to make some tweaks depending on how I found the taste of the recipes. 



Day one started off with a watermelon, beetroot and lime juice. The first thing I did was cut off the perfectly ripe watermelon, but as I was cutting it I just started eating it without noticing - so I started the juice cleanse well. I finally came to my senses and stopped eating it almost immediately. 

Overall I had 4 juices on this day. All under 1L, which isn't a lot. So I want to make sure I make up for it tomorrow. 

I felt hungry a few times but I made sure I had juice to control the hunger. 

My nose was also a bit congested at times. And in case you are curious - you may want to skip this part - I had a bowel "movement" in the evening, which was quite soft (GROSS).

Finally, I didn't experience any cravings but got really excited over the potential of eating more raw foods at the end of the cleanse.



The first thing I do in the mornings is to go straight to the kitchen to make breakfast. However on day 2 I didn't feel that hungry when I woke up. Since my day had to start early - busy girl - I made sure to have a juice straight away. 

JUICE 1 - 1 small beetroot, 4 carrots, 3 apples, 1 lime and 2 thin slices of ginger. 

JUICE 2 - 1/2 watermelon, 1 lime and 2 passion fruits (pictures above).

JUICE 3 - 80% apple and 20% strawberry juice from store. 

JUICE 4 - 1 cucumber, 4 celery stalks, 1/2 lemon, 1 lime, 1-2 cups of spinach and 4 apples.

On day 2 I didn't have juice as often I had promised myself on day 1. However, the juices I had where far bigger. Most being 1L.

On this day I felt tighter - less puffy. The water weight is definitely coming off, which is strange to notice although totally normal.  My nose was also not blocked.

Day two was 10% tougher on the cravings' side. I kept imagining myself eating courgette noodles with a raw vegan pesto sauce, something I have never had. I cooked a vegan curry for my parents in the evening, which made me 5% sad that I wasn't eating it. Although I do enjoy the lightness that you feel from just having juice, so that made it fine. Besides, I will have food when I finish the cleanse - which, by the way, I have no idea when that's going to be - so I don't actually care. At least so far.

Oh almost forgot! Bowel movement happened twice and was quite liquidy (I apologise for the mental picture) - the beetroot made itself known.


On day 3 I woke up not feeling hungry. An hour later I had breakfast to avoid being hungry. During breakfast I developed a slight headache but that didn't stop me from tidying up everything all over the place. I tidied the kitchen, my room, did some laundry, got rid of fluffs in the dryer, wrote down a bit of how I was feeling on day 3 - basically what I had been avoiding doing for a while. I felt like I was breathing in energy and that I was about to burst with it. The headache subsided after an hour.

After the first meal I didn't feel so good. My stomach wasn't the one troubling me though, it was my tongue. I believe I made the mistake of brushing my teeth after the juice because afterwards my mouth tasted a vomit. Juice one just had a bit too much lime. So don't drink it folks. If you do reduce the citrus.

After the first juice I had to stick to a sweet juice, so I repeated the lunchtime juice for dinner. 

Overall I wasn't very hungry on day 3. That's why I didn't have much. 

JUICE 1 - 1/2 watermelon, 1 1/2 limes, 1 cup of spinach (it tasted refreshing at the time)

JUICE 2 - 4 apples, 5 carrots

JUICE 3 - 3 apples, 5 carrots

No bowel movements to report today (what a weirdo).

Day 3 was hard in terms of cravings. I kept dreaming about avocados, rice, black beans and salad making love in a burrito. Damn... I can't even... I'm resisting though. I've got a goal in my mind and I'm going to achieve it. Although in this day I felt that the cleanse is harder than I thought, I'm persevering. 


Day 4 was haaaard.

I woke up not feeling hungry again, but this time I was actually full. I felt like I had food in my throat. So I only ate one and a half hours after waking up - could have waited longer though. 

On this day I wasn't feeling specially energetic, I felt normal and a bit lazy. 

I wasn't too hungry at lunch time either, so I had some orange juice not to starve my body (even though I wasn't really listening to it, which is an antithesis). This makes you realise how we are creatures of habits. We know we should have lunch so we force ourselves to eat even if we are not hungry. 

Four hours after lunch I felt slightly hungry so I made sure I drank some more juice, and a cardio workout followed. Let's just say that a lot of air came out during it (from my mouth!).

Feeling like I have food pilling up in me didn't make me want to continue. But I wanted to push through and get to the good days, which usually come after day 4/5/6. I want to wait until day 7 to know if I'm going to continue or not. 

I weighed myself today and I have "lost" 3 kgs (6.6 lbs) so far. I knew I had shrank a bit but I didn't quite know how much. This surprised me but at the same time didn't. I am drinking 4 Litres of liquids a day, so it makes sense that some water weight has shed off. Maybe I should be drinking that much water a day when not fasting, no, sorry, cleansing. Tomorrow I want to only eat when I am hungry. #goals

Oh! No bowel movements... (lol)

JUICE 1 - 2 mangoes, 500g of strawberries and 2 passion fruits

JUICE 2 - 7 oranges

JUICE 3 - 3 celery stalks, 4 apples, 5 smallish carrots and 1 cucumber

DAY 5 

Day 5 was quite good! I felt back to normal and quite energetic. 

I woke up at 8:30am and wasn't hungry. I wasn't going to eat until I was hungry, so I decided to chill and then do a HIIT workout (Kayla Itsines - Week 4, Legs & Cardio). I was fairly sweaty afterwards but I didn't feel as tired as I normally do during and after her workouts. Plus, I finally felt like I could eat by that point - 12:30pm. The first juice was huge, with a whopping 1 and a half litres. 

JUICE 1 - 1/2 big watermelon, 1 lime and 1 small beetroot

JUICE 2 - 1/2 medium papaya, 1 pineapple and 2 passion fruits

Juice 2 was eaten at 7pm. And god was it good. It was one of the best juices I have ever made. Perfection. 

Day 5 was the first day that I felt more balanced and had no bad side effects (besides still wanting to have food). This is the first day I felt like what I am doing was worth it. Because it was easier in terms of cravings and I was feeling good. However, I am quite ready to get back to eating proper food again - I'm craving a salad. 

Even though I didn't eat much on this day, I felt like I had enough to satisfy me. 

No bowel movements again, this is the weirdest thing about the whole experience. Not having things come out of that familiar end. So so so strange.


On day 6 I woke up feeling ravenous. I drank some water, but just water wouldn't do. I also woke up feeling weak and spacey. So I broke my fast for 1 minute to chew (and swallow) a walnut. Since I had been having no fat or protein throughout the cleanse I thought this was one of the reasons I was feeling that way, besides not having had enough calories in the past two days. So on this day I decided to eat more, since I had finally also developed an appetite. 

JUICE 1 - 8 oranges

JUICE 2 - carrot, ginger, apple and a goji berry infusion (this was bought from a shop and was only 250ml)

JUICE 3 - celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple and ginger (this was bought from a shop and was only 250ml)

JUICE 4 - apple and orange (bought from shop 1L)

JUICE 5 - 3 pink lady apples and 6 medium carrots

Today I really considered quitting. It was by far the toughest day. It made me reconsider why I was doing this because so far I had not experienced any real positive health changes, I'm not sure the "weight loss" was worth the cleanse. In the afternoon, whilst I was grocery shopping, I felt I was developing a cold and felt feverish. So I rushed home, had the most amazing pee, and started feeling a bit better. I suppose it also doesn't help that the temperature on this day was 36º Celsius. 

Anyway I had one more day to go, I wasn't going to quit then. 

Oh! I had twoooo bowel movements this day. I wonder if I went through was detox.


Day 7 was a happy, happy day. Not only because it was the last day of the cleanse, but also because I got an exciting opportunity related to my career (can't say anything about it though). I felt energetic and bouncy on this day, but I'm not quite sure if it was because I had a lot of juice or because of the excitement of the two previously mentioned things. Either way, this day was far better than day 5 and 6, and I didn't feel spaced out.

Since this was the last day I will give a few review of what I thought after listing what I had to drink today. 

Bowels were also dancing today, performing once. 

JUICE 1 - 1/2 watermelon, 1 beetroot and 1 lime

JUICE 2 - 93% apple and 7% passion fruit

JUICE 3 - 62% apple, 30% peach and 8% orange

JUICE 4 - 5 oranges


I first started this juice cleanse because I'm on a mission to up my health, reduce my allergies and dark circles (probable cause and effect right there), which have been present almost since I've known myself. So being able to clean my colon without having to resort to a colonic (which I'm now super tempted to do - ma gawd) seemed like the best option for me.

After doing some online research on the cleanse, I was expecting a small period of detox, which usually occurs between Day 2 and 5, and from then on increased health, focus, wellbeing and an overall not minding only having juice. But that's not what happened with me. Now, I'm not sure if it was because I didn't do this cleanse for long enough or what, but for most of the days I actually felt worse than normal. And my detox was just some light headache on the first few days and some weakness on the last few caused by under eating. So this makes me think that I've done it all wrong. But it also makes me consider that perhaps my diet is better than I thought and remember how good I feel when I'm not juicing. All of this has made me wonder if the cleanse was at all cleansing and at all worth it! Now, I'm pretty sure I'm the healthiest and cleanest eater I have ever met in person. So perhaps I didn't need much cleansing after all. However, I know that's not entirely true since my allergies still haven't subsided, I've sneezed more this week than before the cleanse in the same period of time, and my dark circles are still complimenting the colour of my eyes. Thus, my quest for ultimate health continues. 

So was it worth it?

For me it wasn't. But others who share their experiences online have said that it has helped them. So it depends on the kind of healing you need to do. And if you're doing this purely to lose weight then I'm sorry to inform you that if you don't change your eating habits after the cleanse, you'll gain all the weight you lost back and quite possibly even more. So do yourself a favour and think about your health first, the rest will follow. 

Would you recommend it?

Maybe, if you are very sick and come from a background of eating junk and unhealthy food then this cleanse will probably make your body feel like it's finally found heaven. But if you're already super healthy then I would probably say you don't really need it. 

What have you learned?

HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION. I can't stress how much hydration is important. I swear I lost 3 Kgs of purely water weight during this cleanse. So I plan to keep myself much more hydrated. I plan to drink 3 to 4 Litres of water everyday from now on as I like being able to be less puffy, and now I can actually tell what's fat and what's not, when before it was just a puffy mush.