What drives you to create?

"What drives you to create?" is a documentary series which questions artists on this very question. Produced with a personal agenda, this project aims to help people understand the minds of creatives and what motivates them to improve and keep practicing their craft

In this episode, William Enrique Calver, a Fine Art student at University, enlightens us on his creative process, and on what motivates him to get out of bed everyday. You can follow his work at @willcalver and www.willcalver.com.

In this episode, Jordan Amy Lee, an illustration student at University, enlightens us on her creative process. You can follow her work at @jordanamylee.


An Interrogation

A self-exploratory experimental film that uses a mixture of media in order to translate the multiple layers and facets of a human being. The narration is a collage of words from the book The Hour of the Star by brazilian author Clarice Lispector, whose national identity is shared with the film maker.


London Fashion Week AW16

This short film provides a spectacle of London Fashion Week AW16, informing the audience of the occurrences of that week. The film was shot with a Super 8 camera which tied with the 70s inspired trend of that season.


Alexander Lewis AW16

This short film was shot at the Alexander Lewis AW16 presentation during London Fashion Week, also serving as an experimentation with stop frame animation.



The objective of this University project was to create a film for the Cornish brand Finisterre, which would display their their clothes in the best light. This was a group project in which I played the part of Director, Cinematographer and Editor.